Supplements I’m taking

Compounded Thyroid USP: Synthroid is actually counterproductive (my TSH goes up on it and I can’t get out of bed) and Armour stopped working well when they reformulated it.

Xarelto: for Factor V Leiden because my INR goes all over with Coumadin (I rarely stabilize) due to NAFLD. Also, Coumadin requires excessive monitoring which they won’t let me do at home, and yeah. I get really depressed on coumadin because it’s super invasive and my food issues go through the roof on it.

Metformin: Most likely med to drop, as it has had very little effect on the things I was hoping it might impact, and my blood sugar has just never been that high. (I had a single A1C where I was 0.1 over the threshold for pre-diabetes, not even diabetic. My actual blood sugars never get over about 125-130, not even when I was pregnant, it’s just I’m no longer hypoglycemic and I tend to be very, very stable but a little higher than they want the fasting.)

I have ongoing prescriptions for Keterolac, Oxycodone and I sometimes use naproxen for pain. I rarely take these. Keterolac is for acute “right now” pain that is stopping me from sleeping. Naproxen I take when I’m doing a lot that will likely put me into flare. Oxy is to boost whatever else I’m taking. Since I started CBD my dose of these things is cut in half and I take them about 1/4 as often as I used to. The Toradol is AMAZING for pain but only lasts 4 hours and is hard on kidneys. But it’s less risky to be on a shorter acting NSAID in terms of the clotting, so if one does of Toradol (Keterolac) can get me through a flare, I’ll use that. If it seems to be going on a while I switch to a low dose of naproxen, which lasts longer but isn’t as effective. I go through about 10-15 Oxycodone tablets a year (one per month is probably overstating it, though it usually goes “I take a half at night for three days and then not again for months”) so I’m not even a tiny bit worried about addiction.

Vitamins and minerals:
Vitamin D: 5000 IU D3 from Costco. I tested low. I live in Oregon.
B-complex: B-Right capsule. This is a really good formulation. Very highly absorbable.
Extra Quatrifolic Folate: Eh? Not sure it’s helping anything, rheumy wants me on it for skin/hair? Still bald though.
Magnesium: 1000 mg– this is for asthma and to keep muscle cramps at bay. It also keeps me from getting too constipated. REALLY helpful. Like, super dramatic I was able to go off all asthma meds. I get Nature’s Life 500 mg and take two.
Zinc: During the winter I take 25 mg
I get a fair amount of dairy, and don’t take supplemental calcium.

Milk Thistle: Helps my liver function. When I was on coumadin, it was the only thing that helped stabilize it (but it wasn’t enough).
Dandelion: Mild diuretic keeps me from retaining fluids, works really well.
Turmeric: I can’t take a lot of pain meds, this stuff helps.
CW hemp oil (CBD oil) tiny amount each day helps me use less of other meds. It interacts with the xarelto so I can’t take as much as would be ideal. It does reduce how often I need pain meds, and helps my mood. I also tend to run on the low side of ideal or below on the Xarelto without it, so we’re actually using the drug interaction to keep the xarelto in a good range.

Other supplements:
Sam-E helps a LOT with mood and reducing “disasterizing” type episodes. Brand matters. I use Doctor’s Best. The stuff I was getting smelled like skunk? Since I switched brands I’ve been having fewer episodes.
Lecithin seems to reduce my level of free-floating anxiety and increase my function. I take sunflower lecithin. I have more joy since I started it? Hard to quantify. I think I use NOW brand?
Fish oil

Claritin for allergies

Probiotics: I take a variety. Some really high quality ones occasionally, plus fermented foods including kefir, kombucha, raw kraut, and yogurt.

Melatonin: I take 1/4 of a Trader Joe’s 500 mcg tablet. This is a super, duper low dose, but enough to make the difference between 45 minutes to sleep and about 15. Also, you get 100 pills for $3.99, and so cutting them in quarters means a penny per dose. When people tell me they’re taking 5 mg doses I sideeye HARD as that’s like 40 times more than I need to get to sleep and I have super fucked up sleep cycles. It works. It works quickly, and lower doses work better.

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