Nursing in public

With my first I was very discreet. Mostly so with my second. Then a woman got harassed in a Target for nursing under a clothing rack with a blanket over her baby, and I said no more. I don’t cover up unless it is convenient for ME to do so (i.e. to stop a baby from looking around.) 

Because I realized that it doesn’t matter. Decent people with good manners will not bother a nursing mother no matter HOW much boob they can see. Jerks will be jerks no matter how much she covers up. And yes, if you tell a mother she should cover up, you are being a jerk, no matter how “decent” you think you are.

It has nothing to do with modesty. I have a size 46L chest. My breasts are bigger than my baby’s head, and there are NO nursing clothes that I can reasonably afford on the market. And my baby gets to eat. If someone has a problem with that… it is THEIR problem. Not mine. Not my baby’s.

And no one has EVER told me to nurse somewhere else. Not ever. Not once. Which is as it should be in a decent, sane society.

If you disagree? Keep it to yourself. I don’t give a crap, and the law is on my side. I don’t want to know if you’re a jerk.

I am my baby’s lovey…
I'm his lovey

ETA: This pretty much sums it up, and is a good answer to 97% of the shit people throw out there against public breastfeeding.

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