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A Lon Story by Jenrose appears in metallic, riveted type floating over the Lon dandelion and sun header science fiction header image.On November 15, 2017, I launched the website and Patreon for A Lon Story, my original hard science fiction web series.

Check out my Patreon.

This is a project I’ve been working on for seven years. My goal was to write plausible science fiction, without handwaving away things like the laws of physics (no FTL). It is in many ways an exploration of Arthur C Clarke’s third law, and sets out to explore both the near future disasters that may be facing us, and the long term possibilities that might grow out of overcoming those disasters.

In addition to the website and the Patreon, you can keep track of updates on Twitter and Tumblr. The main story will eventually be public on the website (there are public pages now on the Patreon, but everything is posted there first), and those pages will be broadcast to all the social media accounts, but Patreon is by far the best way to keep up with everything.

The first story, A Lon Beginning, is a kid-friendly (tested on kids as young as five) novella that works well as a chapter book/bedtime reading that adults enjoy as well.

While this is not a book specifically about LGBTQ+issues, the main character is a nonbinary child, and very few of the characters in the series are white.

See the first chapter here:

Book Cover for A Lon Beginning shows Kel, an android, projected on a concrete wall. Her eyes are unsettling, and the lighting is harsh. There are metallic threads running through her hair, and the wall behind her streams with brilliant droplets of light. The image shades from grey through purple, cyan and azure in a complex gradient from top to bottom. This composite image gives a very science fiction feel to the book cover.

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