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WIPS and turning 45

It’s my 45th birthday today, and thus time to take stock in what I’ve been doing and what I’m working on this year. Since January of 2016, I have written more than 360,000 words of fiction. This does not include blog posts, lengthy essays or…

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He believes he can fly

I was a little surprised by the depth and breadth of my four year old’s delight at the blue and lime track suit my mother bought for him. He gasped. “It’s everything I ever wanted.” I was bemused and confused, and called my mother. “Tell Grandma what…

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Generation WiFi

I’d call this kids born in the 20 years following 9/11 Currently ranging from 0-15 years old, these kids have an unprecedented access to technology even across a wide variety of demographics, wireless, cordless and intuitive. Many of them are competent at navigating a tablet and…

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Gandalf for President

I was sort of absently ruminating about how a guy who bears more than a passing resemblance to my grandfather is managing to fire people up so much. Them I realized. He’s filling the same ecological niche as Gandalf, Merlin, and Dumbledore. He’s spent every…

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Getting our house in order: the false competition between the homeless and the refugees.

I’m seeing a whole lotta nonsense out there about how it is morally reprehensible to go offering help to refugees when we have so many homeless. Leave aside that the people bitching the loudest are also the same people who tell us not to give to the poor because it “enables them” to buy booze or whatever they deem unworthy of the “lower classes”. Also probably the same people trying to cut food stamps and whatnot. Let’s just say the credibility of people who say, “but but but HOMELESS VETS” or “HUNGRY CHILDREN” is not high with me because I suspect they care very little for either, truly.

The fact of the matter is that if we got our shit together and did the things that science and research and public policy data say are the most effective at caring for people, we could actually solve a whole bunch of problems and spend less money than we spend now.

I’m not exaggerating. I’m not making shit up here. This is well supported by data.

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Bias exists

So I admin a few groups on Facebook. We get new people applying every day to our co-op and the related subgroups. And our criteria are simple. People need to be local-ish to our area. They need to be actual people and not business puppet…

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7 years ago…

….we started house shopping for the last time. When I was born, we lived one place for 6 months, I’m told, then another place for about 4 years, then another place for about 5 years, then we were in an apartment for a month, a…

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Miles is 20 1/2 months old. He is about 28 pounds, maybe a little more. He is talking in sentences, but sometimes his sentences are kind of wacky. He can imitate almost anything he hears… unless he already decided he knew how to say it…

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Doctor says everything looks good and I should go back to normal activity but pay attention to my body and not overdo. Make up your mind. Our cat is dead. I mentioned in passing on Facebook how much I was liking our co-op veggies and…

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Oh Internets. Why?

People get so confused on the Internet. We grow up hearing that we have free speech in the US. What people don’t understand is that the Constitution does not allow the GOVERNMENT to restrict the right of people to speak freely in public. But just…

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What is in someone’s shopping basket is none of your goddamned business: The politics of welfare

A cousin of mine posted this on facebook: I looked at it, sighed, considered ignoring it… Yeah, no, not going to happen. Here’s some of what came out of her post: So wrongheaded. This is going around. Having been a welfare mom, and now being…

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