Carrier review: Ergo Sport

Tried an Ergo yesterday, first one I’ve worn for long since… gosh, I had one briefly with Shiny that I was never that fond of. for the one I’m reviewing here.

It fit me fine, but I find side waist buckles to be aggravating in the extreme. I have to contort awkwardly to reach that far over to do the waist, and I don’t like doing the waist up first when I put the carrier on, so it’s not very compatible with how I like to do things. It makes something that should make things easy (waist buckle) and turns it into a minus vs. say tying or a center-clipping buckle. When you have as much up front as I do in the chest department, having to reach across to buckle things is difficult.

Not wild about the strap buckles in my armpits, but they’re way better than they used to be.

Wearing it was very comfortable. Not quite up to the level of the Calyx, but certainly as good or better than most of the other SSC’s I’ve tried recently. I do like the super soft fabric, but it is SO soft and flimsy where the straps meet the body of the carrier that twisting happens way, way too easily.

The waist buckle issue would keep this from being something I’d reach for often (I have better) but the long-wearing comfort might override that for me.

The sternum strap is cleverly done and an improvement over past models, far more functional than most.

So much improved over the first one I wore, which pinched my armpits terribly and made my arms numb, but still has a bit to go to reach carrier nirvana.

I’ll be doing a joint review with Erin at sometime in the next month or two of this and other carriers.


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